What is SEO? use of SEO!

What is SEO,SEO

What is SEO is Common question for Everyone

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEO is the process of getting more organic search result on a search engine like google, bing, yahoo. Search Engine Optimization is a more powerful method for getting natural and organic visitors. organic visitors are the most stable customer for the website. Organically we getting traffic from Search Engine to Our Website it is the main concept of SEO.search engine optimization is the most important part of Digital Marketing

What is Organic Result:

Natural search results are the rank based 100% on merit. In different words, there’s never pay Google or other search engines in order to rank raised in the natural search results. Search engine ranks the organic search results based on hundreds of various ranking portions. But in overall, organic results are considered by Google to be the most relative, trustworthy, and authoritative websites or web pages on the subject.

SEO,What is seo

Types of SEO:

SEO is working with major two different types there are,




On-Page SEO is nothing but, doing optimization in our website for search engine visibility to get more traffic on Search Engine. On-page SEO is making sure the Search Engine can locate your web pages so they can show them in the search results. It also involves having proper, detailed, and valuable content to the search catchwords you’re trying to show up for.


Off-page SEO is doing optimization apart from our website for getting more traffic to our website from Search Engine. This understanding with seeking to receive other websites to consider (and link to) your website. The major concept of Off-Page SEO is getting back-links from other websites (known as “link building”).




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