Skill Set


  • Website Buzzzzz

    Abbas has made more than 5 websites on Internet and has helped many clients optimised their website for necessary call to actions and engagement options. He has an amazing eye for Psychological details of consumers mindset.

  • Search Engine Marketing    On or Off 

    Abbas is a Google Certified professional with the absolute required knowledge to run campaigns on Google Adwords and Bing. With his in-depth research and proven strategies in the field of Search Engine Marketing, any business can be turned into a profitable business model online.

  • Social Media Marketing

    The age of Social Media started from Orkut and is still continuing on the shoulders of Instagram, Snapchat, Meerkat etc. Abbas has always believed to be the first to test when ever a new technology or platform is launched. He has build many Successful Brand Pages on Facebook along with unified Brand Identities on other mediums like Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin, Instagram etc.

  • Email Marketing

    Abbas has mastered the art of writing an email and making beautiful Newsletters for various brands. He has a technique of Autoresponder Madness which leads to enormous Brand Trust and Incremental ROI.
    People say Email Marketing is Dead, but he still has been able to get more than 50% open rates in the emails he sends.

  • Pop Up Advertising

    Most of the marketers don’t even know the basics of Pop up Marketing. But Gaurav has mastered the art of Pop up Advertising giving him an edge over all the Marketers. This is Dirt Cheap Traffic turning into Gold for the Brands.

  • Video Marketing

    With the rising action in the Online Video world, Abbas has taken it to another level. With the advanced softwares that he uses, he can generate leads with any Video. Not just that, he is deeply into the process of Storytelling and uses the art of Open and Nested Loops to make it more enticing and Results Oriented.

  • Viral Marketing

    Virality is still an anonymity to most of the marketers and they call it luck by chance. But by researching more than 60 Viral campaigns, Abbas has broken down virality into parts which always helps him to drive more results at the same cost.

  • Advance Analytics and Optimisation

    Most of the marketers in Digital Marketing stick to the Google Analytics for their need of tracking and analysing. Google Analytics is a powerful tool but has few leakages. Gaurav has taken Analytics to a new level by executing advance softwares like Prosper202, Adsbridge, Volumn and this has helped him track the impossible and optimise it for higher returns.

  • Online Reputation Management

    With Social Media at it’s peak, Customer Bullshit Radar is at all time high. Any campaign has the capability of turning into a disaster. It becomes an indispensable need of Brands to track what users are saying and respond immediately. Abbas not just helps in Reputation Management but even before the fire spreads, he makes sure that the control buttons are activated.

  • Lead Generation

    The entire Digital Industry runs on Data Collection. Abbas has the ability to draft irresistible Lead Magnets (others also call them freebies) for collecting Leads and converting them into paying customer.