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This page is more about ABBAS SAJID, yes obviously about me and I love to share my experience with you always…



ABBAS SAJID – Digital Marketer

I am a cool digital marketer from India . learned and loved  digital marketing from the Top digital marketers from Asia. Right now its a time for me to implement all strategies of Inbound marketing in various industries to generate their revenues via Lead generation, Qualifying the leads, Business closure, and Delight customers.

Moreover, I am  Google certified professional. Also secured a certification from Hubspot academy as Certified Inbound Marketer.

Anyway certificate not gonna prove me as a veteran but Experience do. Now I engage myself with lot of activities and building my strong base to rise my strength. This content might be changed after some days once I started feeling I am done.

Abbas Sajid

I always wanted to be a trainer and charisma to educate others. This is the only reason behind this to start new website to train others.

Soon we gonna love and learn digital marketing via Blogs, Live Webinar, Social media etc.


I always love my name ABBAS SAJID Why?. I do not know how many ABBAS SAJID you came across in your life. ABBAS SAJID : ABBAS = King   SAJID = One who prostrate to his God.


Always try to connect with me, Its super easy to get connected with me


Click here to connect with me . You have any doubt related to Digital Marketing, Remember my name ABBAS SAJID in your search page(Google or Bing).  Write me with the following Hashtag  #askabbassajid in twitter.

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