Since 2015, Abbas sajid has been focusing on delivering digital marketing training to the students who really wants to learn and apply to get good results in online marketing. He is working as a digital marketing consultant for top brands in India.  He strongly believes education is the only key tool to build or modify the future.

ABBAS SAJID – Digital Marketer

Abbas sajid is a serial entrepreneur and the CEO and co-founder of scholar-us.com, a fully loaded Scholarship portal. This portal connects students to the related scholarships which available in India and across the world. Added to that it is one stop solution for students to know about the market trends for their job opportunity.

An author, entrepreneur and corporate keynote speaker, this “worldwide connector” is recognized worldwide for radically new ways of thinking about customer service, social media, PR, marketing, advertising, and ADHD.

Sajid is a highly experienced professional speaker, presenter and business coach and is fast becoming one of the most sought-after comperes and public speakers in the Digital Marketing, Wellbeing and business arenas. His warm and natural style of speaking has inspired many audiences globally.

He has a wealth of presenting experience on stage, screen and radio. His talks will leave you feeling inspired, motivated and ready to take action. Sajid does this by making everything simple and easy for audiences to understand and easy for them to implement. he presents in a way everyone can relate to.